Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tamilnet is driving good Tamils nuts !

Disclaimer !!

Let's see the Tamil.net stats - though there is a slight increase for he past 3 months, since recent, the traffic generated has reduced - meaning people are loosing interest in the lies spread by this false web site !

Let's compare it with credible news web sites as CNN and BBC. Basically, Taminut is not even in the picture... Again proves that this lie has no credibility !!!

Let's look at the audience !!
No children - Impotent
No education - Stupid fools
24-34 - Easily Mislead

And most diverted traffic to the site are those who searched for other Tamil related information as English to tamil dictionary, Tamil dictionary, learn tamil etc... meaning less are interested in getting false information from this lie hole !!

Traffic ranks in other countries - let's not talk about it - even in Sri Lanka and India the ranks are very low. Meaning, the largest Tamil populations are not interested in getting lies as information - Malysia, Thailand and Indonesia are not even in the picture though there is a considerable Tamil population in these countries. 


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